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    Saw something very inspiring last Saturday...


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    Saw something very inspiring last Saturday...

    Post  Grits on Mon 10 May 2010, 10:10 pm

    I finally got away to go see my grandson play baseball in Montgomery last Saturday. He struck out twice... geek but his team still won... cheers

    ...but I did not know that this particular park (it's a pretty big complex) has what they call the "Miracle League". They have one field designated for handicapped children only. I saw many kids in wheelchairs, some blind kids, and several with Downs syndrome playing. The field looked like it was the same as a clay tennis court (so the wheelchairs can function). They each have a "helper" that helps them get around the bases and hit the ball. What a wonderful idea! I just wasn't familiar with the fact that they have special leagues for the special (awesome) kids! It was quite inspiring!

    Do y'all have that where you are?


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