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    3rd quake dream in 5 days


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    3rd quake dream in 5 days Empty 3rd quake dream in 5 days

    Post  Michael on Sat 08 May 2010, 12:21 am

    First one was Monday with an unbelievable 14.7 magnitude quake. Wednesday dream was a small quake in Simi Valley. I think it was a 3.0+. Last night, the dream went like this:

    It was late night. I was watching ESPN Sportscenter. I think I was in a restaurant and eating. Then the guys on tv were broadcasting live and said they are feeling a quake. I wasn't feeling it at that time. It kept getting worse on tv. The anchors took cover. Finally, I began to feel a jolt. I looked at everyone and told them to take cover. The dream ended with me waking up.

    Sportcenter mainly broadcasts out of CT. But they also broadcast out of Los Angeles.
    John Kettler

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    3rd quake dream in 5 days Empty Re: 3rd quake dream in 5 days

    Post  John Kettler on Sun 09 May 2010, 11:04 pm


    Not so unbelievable to me--assuming someone or several don't intervene in a variety of ways, high tech and otherwise. This planet is nowhere even proximally close to seismic equilibrium. To the contrary, it has been highly pent up since the last general release February 13, 2001 and is therefore long overdue for some huge quakes to balance the strain equation, ditto the volcanic situation. In the book Rolling thunder, by Jochman?, there is a chilling passage from some spirit guides which essentially says "where you see 7s and 8s as big quakes, we see 10s and 12s as coming, with a 14 not out of the question. The information you're receiving in dreams seems to fit precisely that kind of scenario. Thought you should know. Also, Tara-Sotu and I marvel that the continental volcanoes haven't long since erupted, for we were expecting that to occur beginning 2001. See the related prophecy regarding Grandfather (Mt. Rainier) and Little Sister (Mt. St. Helen), part of which has already occurred.


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